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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect to hear from support? We receive quite a lot of support requests on a daily basis. We strive to respond to all requests as quickly as possible. Our paid plan members have access to Premium Support, which means their requests automatically jump to the front of the priority queue.

How does Premium Support work? Premium support means that we will get to your ticket sooner. While we are dedicated to providing the same level of quality support to all of our subscribers, we recognize that our paid plan members are more likely to have more urgent requirements or critically important sites. We get to your issues faster so that you can get back to enjoying Shareaholic.

How can I get Premium Support? To take advantage of Premium Support, upgrade to any one of our paid plans. You can read more about all our plans on our Help Center and sign up here.

Can you help me install Shareaholic? Yes, we can. Our software is pretty intuitive and we have great guides to help get you started. But if you're a premium plan subscriber and still need help, we will install the Shareaholic code on your site and troubleshoot any issues for free. Just let us know that you need help after you upgrade your plan. You will need to provide us with admin access to your site to use this service.

I don't see my site profile in the dropdown menu? If you can't find the site profile you need help with in your site dropdown menu, please let us know in your message to us.

Can I contact Support via phone, Skype or smoke signals? All of our support is done via email and live chat, though you can certainly contact us on Twitter at @ShareaholicHELP if you prefer.